1. Admission & Wristbands

1.1 Unlimited Wristbands purchased online must be purchased the day before attendance at the event or venue.
1.2 Minimum Height and all other attraction safety restrictions apply at all times at all of our events.
1.3 Management retains the right to refuse admission to the venue or to any of the attractions or rides at anytime without the need for a reason.
1.4 Unlimited Wristbands do not include Bungee Trampolines, Coin-Operated or Prize Winning Games.
1.5 Unlimited Wristbands are valid for 4 hour sessions.
1.6 Height restrictions may apply on all rides and attractions.
1.7 Any ride or attraction may be closed or removed, under repair or unavailable, due to operational reasons.
1.8 No refunds will be given.
1.9 During peak times queuing may be unavoidable.
1.10 Wristbands are non-transferable.
1.11 Wristbands may be removed at any time by management with no refund given. (e.g. For anti-social behaviour etc)

2. Booking Conditions

The following Booking Conditions apply to all booking made online or by phone unless otherwise agreed in writing:

2.1 Unlimited Wristbands are non-transferrable and cannot be refunded.
2.2 If a ride or attraction has to be closed due to necessary repairs or for safety reasons no refund (in part or in full) will be given.

2.3 Many events we deliver are outdoor events and it’s safe operation is subject to weather conditions.
2.4 It is possible that we may have to close the event without prior notice on a specific day and, in such circumstances, we cannot offer a refund but will instead permit the Unlimited Wristbands to be used on an alternative date.
2.5 If the event is entirely cancelled for any reason, a full refund will be returned to the same account from which the online purchase(s) were processed.

2.6 Purchases made through our website will be confirmed by an email Order Confirmation attachment to the customer’s email address provided during the online checkout process.
2.7 Unlimited Wristbands will not be posted but will be provided on arrival at the venue or event.

2.8 Unlimited Wristbands purchased through our website cannot be returned via the website.
2.9 If you need to amend or adjust your online order please contact us through the contact page of our website or by email.

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